Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Antique Car in a Jar

After the sudden passing of his father last year, my friend's partner, Chris, was cleaning out his family home when he came across his old matchbox cars.  How cool are these vintage cars? Some of them are over 50 years old!

I was really touched when Chris brought them over to give to the boys but also concerned about lead paint. So I knew that I'd be using them in the boys rooms in the future and as part of some kind of decoration.  But then I got to thinking about how I could up-cycle a couple of these as a Christmas gift for Chris and when I came across this car in a jar idea at It All Started With Paint I knew I wanted to make something like this for him.

How stinkin' cute is that?

So I gathered up the cars, some bottle brush trees and fake snow from Michael's, and some twine from the craft room.

I had to cut the tree to fit on the car with some wire cutters and then hot glued it to the roof of the car before tying it with the twine.  

When that was all dry I just hot glued the car to the bottom of the jar.  The most difficult part was finding a jar that was clear and had no detail that would make the car appear blurry. In the end, I wound up using a corn relish jar that I had saved.

Then I spray painted the lid white, added Chris' initial on the top and glued some twine and bobbly things to the lid. 

He was so touched when he opened this up on Christmas day and it's something they can put up on the mantel year after year.  So much cuteness and sentiment in one little jar. : )

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pantry Door Update

I'm starting to get in to the swing of all things Christmas but I'm taking a break from holiday prepping today to update everyone on the pantry problem of 2013. Another first world issue right here.

Last year I got it into my head that I needed to paint the pantry door in the kitchen in an effort to introduce some color into what was a very beige house. Well, it was pretty beige at the time but lots has changed in the last year or so. At the time, I chose a color out of my DIY kitchen curtains (aka hand towels from Target) and painted the door the deep turquoise color from one of the spoons. I had a custom tint made up and everything.

Right from the start I struggled with it.

Mostly, it just looked completely out of place. Great color, wrong house.

So when I picked up a tester of Sherwin Williams Naval and used it on an old desk, I new I'd found the perfect color for the pantry door.

I swapped out the kitchen curtains for some fun new striped dish towels that match the mood of the rest of the house. Also from Target....

Seriously. Curtains from kitchen towels might be my favorite thrifty find. What's cooler than a window treatment for under $10? I always intend to switch them out seasonally but I'm still really digging these stripes so they're still here.

Maybe it's because I've been introducing a lot more navy into the house. Or maybe it has to do with painting the main floor and kitchen gray, but the navy door just looks so much better to me.

I still love that green and I'm going to find another use for the extra paint but I heart navy big time. Anyone else on the navy train these days?

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Trends For 2014

Can you believe it's already the middle of November? I still have flip flops in the front hall for Pete's sake. Wishful thinking at it's best right there. I was child free this weekend and spent some time at my favorite stores. Christmas is everywhere already and I thought I'd share what's trending this year.


Gold is still really big this year. Personally, I was a bit late to the gold lovers party so I'm glad to see the trend is still on the up. I got my gold on last year when I made this glittery deer head canvas. Can't wait to pull it out this year.

An easy DIY gold thumb tack wreath from Canadian Families.

Such a simple and pretty gold centerpiece from Paperblog.

Copper and Bronze

With gold still on the loose, we can't be surprised to find copper trending hot on it's heels.  Found this gorgeous copper and bronze decorated tree at Balsam Hill.

Or let's get right to the copper source with these little trees made from copper pennies from Ivy in the Bay.

Or this gorgeous mantel display by Ineriorz Dezigned. This just feels so glam to me.


I couldn't help but notice all the little Woodland things already on display at Homesense here in Ontario.



How adorable is this tree that I found over at the Inspired Room? It's full of cute little woodland animals peaking through the branches. She used touches of burlap throughout to tie all the natural elements together. I noticed the burlap trend is still going strong everywhere this weekend.

This woodland vignette over at Serendipity Refined is so striking and almost glamorous which just shows that woodland doesn't always mean full out rustic and burlap.

This little vignette from Country Living is pretty cute, too.


I think it's no secret that I love aqua but this white and Tiffany blue scene takes my love to a whole new level. I want this whole room! And the lifestyle that would keep it clean and pristine, too.

I love the timelessness of black and white and this black tree with gold and white accents just takes my breath away.  Serious drama.

Another gorgeous black and white tree from Lil Luna.

HGTV introduced a gorgeous palette of lavenders, grays, and purples for the Christmas season, making the most of a monochromatic Christmas scene in a not so typical holiday color.


I think I saved this trend for last because of my love for all things vintage. I'm glad to see the retro trend is till going strong in colors and decorations because it's not leaving my place any time soon.

I have a serious adoration of white trees....they remind me of the Christmases of my child hood. This funky white tree from Makely Home is stunning.

I found these vintage retro Christmas prints last year from Paulo and Lulu. Memories of Christmas pasts.... :) 

I think this is my favorite idea of all. It incorporates my love of all things pink, aqua, and mid-century modern. These DIY dip-dyed bottle brush trees from VitaminiHandmade make me want to rock around the Christmas tree. Oh, how I love me some vintage trailer, too!

We definitely like the aqua and pink vintage Christmas bling around here. This vignette was in my front foyer a couple of years ago.

And a cute retro wreath from Georgia Peachez wraps up the retro vibe.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY Gold Polka Dot Pillow (from a placemat!)

Anyone else going crazy for this gold polka dot trend?

First I bought the cute little Kate Spade notebook. Adorable, right?

Then I found the wrapping paper at Target. And don't even get me started on the wall decals (I'll be sharing that project soon!|)


But when I spotted this adorable gold dot pillow by Caitlin Wilson I seriously wanted to buy it a drink. I was so in love.

I bought the notebook because it was under $15 and gift wrap is cheap but the pillow was waaaaayyyy out of my league. Besides, I'm never going to pay more than $25 for a pillow. Ever. And that one starts at $65. So not happening. I began hunting for fabric to make my own.  Ummm....No. There was nothing in my little small town that was even close and anything I found on-line was either way off or way too expensive. 

So when I saw these plain little white place mats at Bed, Bath and Beyond for around $5.49 each, I had an "aha moment" and grabbed the few they had left. I figured I could cut them open, paint them, stuff them, and stitch them back up to make my own pillows.

This was so crazy easy, I almost feel silly for doing a tutorial but here goes. I just used a round sponge brush and some gold craft paint.

I used my stitch ripper to open one side and pulled out the loose thread.  Then I slid some cardboard between the layers to keep the paint from bleeding through and started dabbing the dots on the place mat.

Since I wasn't too thrilled with the flatness of the finish, I pulled out some gold glitter paint and sponged the sparkle on top.

One small oops but it was easily covered with some white paint.

Then I added the stuffing and hand stitched the end closed.  You could also use fabric or hot glue to make this completely "no-sew". The place mats are pretty stiff which means it's not a terribly practical pillow.  But it is cute.  Mission accomplished.  Now if I could get the boys to stop jumping on it, that would be spectacular.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Navy and Gold Desk Makeover

Can I just talk about my love of navy for a minute? Like serious love and it's taking over my life. In a good way. After wearing navy with various accents all summer long, I went on a navy bender around the house. It's when I found this mid-century modern desk last spring at a garage sale for $10 (I know!!!! $10!!!), I new immediately what I was going to do to her. This isn't the actual desk but it's similar....I was so excited, I forgot to snap before pics.

It's the darling little feet on these pieces that always make me smile.

One coat of primer and minimal sanding was all I was good for that day...I wasn't really worried about durability since I do most of my work on my laptop on the sofa. Just keeping it real. Here are the drawers after a little roughing up.

And the whole desk with one coat of primer.

I bought a tester from Sherwin Williams in my new favorite color (Naval) a few weeks earlier to use on the pantry door since I never really took to the previous color. At 40% off, you get this giant tub of paint for $6. I know it says not to use this as anything other than a tester on the label but this is my second major project with this paint, and it's held up beautifully.

I was hoping to do two coats but I actually wound up doing three just to make sure the paint was even because it's such a deep color. Here she is after just one coat.

And the adorable little legs? I went full throttle with the gold pray paint on those babies since I've been dying to gold dip something forever. Ummm....except I had some dripping and coverage issues with the paint since the legs kept rolling around.

 Serious dripping going on here and I was getting frustrated.

I looked around the garage and found this box of wine in the recycling box. Yes. I drink wine from a box. Don't judge me. You would too, if you lived here.

Sanded the legs and drove the screws into the cardboard to stand them up.....problem solved.

I felt pretty clever that day.

Here she is in all her navy gorgeousness.....LOVE. 

Indulge me while I whine about my sucky camera and picture taking skills. Or maybe the editing....I dunno....First World Problem and I'm working on it. Back to the desk....

So much navy and gold love. Stay tuned because I'm really on a navy bender and I have lots more navy finds and projects to share.