January 19, 2013

Thrift Store Upcycle- A Use for Grandma's Silver Trays

I am officially in love with those silver or silver plated trays from the thrift stores.  They are generally available for a few dollars and, on sale days, they're usually around a dollar.  That alone is pretty fantastic.  And I use them all over the place.

Like on my make up vanity...

And I have a few in the bathroom cabinet...

Here's one on my dresser holding my doodads.

Another one holding some bath salts and other goodies in the master bath.

But I really love to use them for gifts and in my craft room.  These trays are super awesome when they're painted and, as a bonus, they're magnetic.  Love that!

All you need is some spray paint, chalk board paint, and magnets...home made or store bought.  This is a crazy easy project...my kind of crafting.

I started by painting the flat center with chalk board paint.  I've used spray paint and regular paint.  The spray paint is faster but I prefer the good ol' fashioned paint on variety.  It just seems to give a nicer finish and if you're going to use it as a chalk board, this is the way to go.  Just my personal preference.

Once the chalk paint is good and dry you can tape off the center using the decorative edge as a guide line.  I used some frog tape and a grocery store bag.

Once it's all taped off you can take the spray paint to the edges.  I used Krylon's "Ballet Pink" on this one.

This one got a swipe of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in "Antoinette".  I also did this one backwards....painted the outside first.  It really doesn't matter.

And here's how they turned out....

Annie Sloan's "Antoinette"

Both girls got one of these trays with mounting tape on the back for Christmas.  All ready to use.  I have one in my craft room.  Love these little cuties.

Since I like to party I'll be linking up here.....Enjoy.